Community Heritage Program


The Community Heritage Program is a partnership project between TAHE and TfNSW to restore and reactivate regional railway stations for local communities.


The program is part of TAHE’s strategic vision to transform valuable space that has been underused, creating new economic, cultural and social opportunities.

Working in close collaboration with the local communities where the assets are located, the program focuses on delivering sustainable, multi use opportunities that preserve and enable the historic rail infrastructure.


The project also helps improve asset safety, public amenities, aesthetics while ensuring compliance of the infrastructure. The program has enabled the meticulous restoration and revitalisation of three heritage listed stations for new community uses over the 2021-22 FY

  • Blayney: Collaborating with the local council and community, the revitalisation of the historic station precinct created a landmark arts and cultural hub
  • Gunning: The 1875 railway station was restored, including the reinstatement of period features, to offer new arts, cultural and community events.


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