About Us

Our Role & Responsibility

Rail is one of NSW’s most important assets.

Our long-term, visionary mindset is focused on delivering commercial, sustainable and socially responsible outcomes for the people of NSW, while enhancing our transport systems safety, connectivity and reliability.

TAHE is the owner of an extensive portfolio of railway networks across NSW, including tracks, trains, stations, significant land holdings around stations including retail spaces.

As a state owned corporation, TAHE is uniquely placed to re-imagine our commercial assets and help unlock the potential to provide new opportunities aligned with our objectives.

Our Assets

 Rail Infrastructure

Rail Infrastructure

  • 1,600 km Metropolitan Rail Network
  • 2,600 km Country Rail Network Track
  • 3,100 km Country Network Track (non-operational)
  • 950 Bridges
  • 69 tunnels


303 million sqm of land owned

Rolling stock

Rolling stock

1,503 electric or diesel cars

 Stations and Facilities

Stations and Facilities

  • 1.3 million sqm gross lettable area
  • 364 stations
  • 432 retail outlets
  • 481 lifts
  • 120 escalators
Rail Signalling Systems

Rail Signalling Systems

4,300 signals

 Electrified Network

Electrified Network

165 electrical sub-stations and section huts

Our Focus

  1. Safe and reliable

    We are committed to effective strategic asset management to provide a safe, reliable rail network.

  2. Commercially successful

    Creating new value and driving growth through commercial and proactive management of our high-quality asset portfolio.

  3. Socially responsible

    Building stronger communities by creating vibrant and successful places and returning value.

  4. Support regional development

    Working to improve mobility and connections for people and freight across regions, transport modes and industry sectors.

  5. Ecologically sustainable

    Acting sustainably and ensuring all our decisions and actions are taken with an eye on NSW’s future needs.